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Hello. My name is Steven Ahlborn. My wife, Stephanie, and I live in a house in the greater Boise, Idaho, area. I am a 2nd Grade Teacher and she is an Administrative Assistant for a State Agency. We are yard sale and thrift store enthusiasts.

My hobbies include: Basketball, board games, listening to music, singing and playing keyboard, and yard sales.

Her hobbies include: Reading books, listening to podcasts and books, cooking, knitting, listening to music, and yard sales.

I have been able to make a decent amount of profit from reselling items we find at yard sales. This amounts to typically a few hundred dollars extra per month to spend on anything we want. If you like some of the posts you have read or if you are interested in how to turn this hobby of yard saling into a side business, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

Thank you,

Steven Ahlborn

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