The Worst Items to Sell Online

Heavy Items. When items are too heavy, it can be quite expensive for shipping. It is possible that an item sold for $25 might be $25 to ship and you can lose money. Make sure that buyers are willing to cover the total cost plus shipping. No furniture… use Craigslist.

Household Items. For obvious reasons, almost ALL household items do not have much value.

Most books. Although I cannot count all books in the category of worst items to sell, be very careful that you know the books you are getting will sell online well. If the books are poor quality then it might also be hard to sell.

Items that are Illegal Online. Items such as guns, ammo, and alcohol have strict rules for selling online. It is usually easier to just avoid these items altogether.

Family Board Games. Most of these games are somewhat heavy and have had so many copies made that they aren’t collectible or in high demand.

Clothing. Unless the clothing is name brand, is new, and has the tags still… you don’t want to sell them online. Clothes are pretty hard to sell because people want to try clothes on to make sure they fit.

VHS and DVD Videos. These don’t sell well. Many people, like myself, probably have a huge shelf or two of DVDs and/or VHS Tapes in their house. I have been to many yard sales and lots of them have their DVDs for sale for $1.00 each and VHS Tapes for 25-50 cents.

Please give me your feedback on any items that you wouldn’t sell online.


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