The Best Items to Resell

Most things that are New or Like New in the Box. I recently found two new tablets, never been used and was able almost double my money – purchased for $60 and sold for $100 after shipping and insurance costs. Make sure to compare the item you have with items found on Amazon and Ebay. Also, be sure to check that the item is in normally working condition, unless it is still sealed. never open up a sealed item. New, sealed items typically have amazing resale value because lots of people want the item in perfect condition.

Even items you can tell look older, shrink wrapped or like new items might still have some value. I found two printer servers, new in shrinkwrap at a huge, outdoor yard sale in this couple’s backyard, shed and barn. They had all sorts of stuff. They said grab anything you want and we will give you a deal. So we grabbed enough stuff to create a decent pile and they offered $20 for everything. The print servers went for $150 each online.

Complete or almost complete sets of Hardcover or Leather Books. At the same huge, backyard sale I also found a complete set of TimeLife Western Books Hardback in Leather. I should say it was almost complete because it didn’t have the Master Index that went along with the set. I purchased an Index online and sold the Book Set on Amazon for $200.

Video Game Consoles and Games. I can hardly count the times I have purchased 1 or more Nintendo 64 consoles with games from a yard sale. Certain video game cartridges to the older consoles like Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, GameCube, Playstation 1, and Atari can be quite expensive – be sure to take a look. For example: 007 Goldeneye for N64 sells for $15 or more by itself. Typically I can purchase the console and some games and make my money back by selling just 007 Goldeneye N64.

HP Printer Ink. I have become the king of printer ink lately it seems. If you find the black and blue HP brand box with the butterfly on it, this stuff sells very well because it is the newest printer ink on the market. A little bit older ink that still sells decently is the HP brand box with blue along the top half, white on the rest and small pictures on right front or across bottom front of box.

Legos. I bought a huge 20+ lb. bin of legos recently for $40 and the estimated value per pound of the legos is between $5-$20 depending on the assortment of legos sold. So this is no less than $100, but that is if the pieces are all just your typical lego bricks. Lego men sell for more.

Currently Being Used College Textbooks: These are typically very hard to find. Much easier to find really old textbooks that are not worth much of anything anymore. However, certainly worth taking a look and checking the textbook online with Amazon and Ebay to see if it is still being used in college. I found a college textbook at a yard sale and paid $1 for it. It was still being used in college and I sold it on Ebay for $70.

Any items that you know have value and can be sold online – and low shipping cost: I enjoy playing board games and am able to spot board games that are worth more than the run-of-the-mill monopoly, scrabble, and risk. So whatever hobby or collections you enjoy might make you an expert in how good the prices are and if you can make a decent profit reselling the item online.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what items will sell the best online. Any feedback, questions, or comments would be welcomed. 🙂

Steven Ahlborn

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