How I Went from Buying on Ebay to Selling on Ebay and Amazon

EbayBack about 13 years ago, I started buying items on Ebay for my personal use. This introduced me to AUCTIONS. This was a big hit when Ebay was in its infancy. It gave you a little bit of that rush you get in an auction when bidding against other people. However, as Ebay progresses, the auction style listing lost its allure. The problem was that when people were bidding on an item, this means they both wanted it. However, only one person would end up with the item. So now those people would still need to find the item to buy after they lost the auction. Ebay turned more toward Buy It Now listings. This way, you know exactly what price you are going to get for the item that you want. About 4 years ago I really started trying to understand how to sell on Ebay and what items sell well on Ebay so I started listing items.


I found items at yard sales and thrift stores. This started to do very well for me, but the big learning process was knowing what items would sell way better than the price that I would be buying it for. I certainly had some misses over the last four years. There have been a handful of items that I have actually LOST money on, but most of the time I have made my money back and then some.

During the school year, we spend a lot more time in thrift stores. This gives us something to do that hits that bargain spot we both have. The thrill is not as exhilarating as yard sales, but it is still fun to find the deals. Thrift stores are notorious for non-working electronics and items that are missing pieces so I am very careful as to what I pick up from there.

My wife and I both have Fridays off during the Summer, but we have to go back to work on Fridays during the school year. I am a teacher and she works as an office administrator. So unfortunately, we cannot yard sale the entire time from early Spring through late Fall. Summer is our prime time. We look forward to our Friday morning days with the thrilling expectation that we could find just about anything.

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