Big Find on 4th of July Weekend…

0630171736.jpgSo my wife and I got up early on Friday morning for yard sale day. We withdrew money from our account and headed through the city to find yard sale signs. Typically, we will find sign after sign on Friday and Saturday pointing us to the direction of yard sales, but this was not the case this weekend. It finally dawned on me that this was the weekend before 4th of July. it was quite possible that most people were not doing yard sales because they were either out of town or were going to have relatives coming from out of town for the Independence Day weekend. Well, we had to make the most of what was out there so we drove toward a bigger city and in the large, residential subdivisions.

We came upon a big yard sale for a non profit organization. They had a lot of items, but they didn’t mark anything. Ouch! They did a lot of other planning like having canopies for various volunteer vendors selling food, drinks, and… headshots. Yes! I said headshots! I had never seen this before. A man had a nice camera and a board with pictures of people. I thought to myself, “Will anyone actually get their picture taken by this man for donations? I doubt it.” Anyway, my wife and I went through the yard sale looking for items.

I found a new Projector Screen in the box. The box looked somewhat old, but the screen still has plastic around it in the box. I could probably sell it for two or three times what I might pay for it on Craigslist – so I hauled it around with me. Remember, they didn’t price anything so I didn’t even know if I would end up with this item by the end of the yard sale.

My wife rushed over to me and quietly said, “I saw two boxes of printer ink, new in boxes, over on the ground.” I rushed over with her to where the printer ink was. Sure enough, two boxes full of printer ink. This ink had never been opened and some of the boxes were still in sets of four in the shrink wrap. Wow! I have sold cartridges of printer ink before and done quite well. Most of this ink was HP brand and either in the newer black and blue box with a butterfly or the little bit older packaging with a picture and white box with blue across the top part of the box. I knew that we hit a gold mine of ink. However, I didn’t know a price.

So we picked up the two boxes of printer ink. I had to put down the projector screen because it just wasn’t as important as this new find. We set the boxes down at the checkout canopy and asked how much for the two boxes. The people running the checkout were teenagers that you could tell didn’t quite have a clue. They first told me $3.00 for all of it. I rejected that, along with an older gentleman standing behind the teenagers. I said, “That is way too low for all of this ink. I know that this is a fundraiser for the non profit group.” The older gentleman asked, “How much is it worth to you?” So in reply I said, “I have purchased ink from other places for 25 cents per box. Let’s count all the cartridges and I will give you that amount.” So myself and two teenagers started counting up the cartridges and we finally reached an amount of $22.00. I hadn’t counted how many cartridges were in the box to begin with, but I knew it was a lot. If my calculations were correct, this was somewhere right around 88 ink cartridges!

The next day I started listing all of these ink cartridges. Most of them I listed on Amazon. Ink cartridges are one item that I do not have to have an upgraded business pro account to list on the site. A few of the cartridges (15) I did not list on Amazon because of issues finding a listing that would match to the cartridges. I decided to list those on Ebay. As I listed items, I calculated after Amazon and Ebay fees that I would end up making around $1,500 for these ink cartridges if all of them were to sell. Now, I know most of these cartridges will sell. In fact, most of them had a very high sales ranking on Amazon which means they sell fairly quickly. Also, the price that I listed my ink cartridges at were just lower than my competitors on every item that I listed.

After listing 80% of the items on Amazon, I got the shipment ready and boxed everything up to drop off to UPS. The shipment is on the way to a warehouse in Dallas, Texas currently. It will take a little longer due to the weekend and holiday, but I am so excited to see the items start selling. This will most likely end up being the highest paid yard sale adventure yet, even on a weekend that was incredibly slow!

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